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│ Description │
Heatset Ink “Visual” is designed to have optimum effect in heatset press. Drying after passing the dryer is fast by applying diverse high grade resin developed recently and the gloss is increased. It is a product with good ink transference and good water prick up and is classified into products for art paper and uncoated paper.

  1. Heatset web process printing ink
    –Art Coated paper It is adequate for high grade prints using coated paper such as art paper, LWC paper, snow white paper and has excellent gloss and halftone printability.

  2. Heatset web process printing ink
    – Uncoated paper It is adequate for the prints using uncoated paper

│ Characteristics │

  • Eco friendly product which acquired Soy Seal mark
  • It has good ink mileage having high density and good ink transference
  • Economical effect as ink drying is fast even when the temperature of the dryer ink lowered
  • High gloss and high density
  • It has a good controlled water pick up in terms of the balance with dampening water

│ Features │

  • Soy oil based
  • High gloss & pigmentation
  • Good workability for High speed machine
  • Quick drying under low temperature conditions
  • Wide range of papers

│ Benefits │

  • Environmentally friendly
  • High print contrast
  • Energy saving

│ Packing │
5KG, 10KG, 20KG, 200KG

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