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│ Description │
Optimum ink with superior printability being designed to fit the characteristics of high speed press and news printing.

  1. High-speed news printing ink with good ink transference
    Superior product with heat stability and workability even during high speed printing for a long running.
  2. General news printing ink with excellent workability
    Superior products with excellent printability and workability.
  3. Keyless news printing ink
    Product exclusively for Keyless newspaper printing with controlled water prick up balance and emulsifying character.
  4. Eco-friendly news ink using soybean oil
    Environment-friendly product with reduced harm to human body and environmental contamination.

│ Characteristics │

  • It has good ink transference and excellent halftone printability when printing in high speed.
  • Workability is excellent as it has little misting and pilling of plate and blanket.
  • It has little color change after printing as it has good water pick up and emulsifying character.
  • It reduces harm to human body by increasing content of soybean oil and decreases environmental contamination by volatile organic compounds.

│ Features │

  • Soy oil based
  • High gloss & color strength
  • Good workability for high speed machine
  • Quick setting and drying
  • Good rub resistance
  • Wide range of papers

│ Benefits │
Environmentally friendly

│ Packing │
5KG, 15KG, 20KG, 200KG, 1000KG

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